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Effective Tactics and Execution


Accurate information through keen research is the foundation of all success. It provides a wealth of information about the perspective, the existing customers and the competition in general. Market research and discovery provides relevant data that a business will most likely face.

Feasibility Study

A tool used to scrutinize the ability and likelihood to successfully complete a project including all relevant factors. We determine the pros and cons of a project before diving in with a substantial amount of time and money into it.

Competitive Analysis

This is an essential aspect of your company marketing plan. This tool will allow you to establish what makes your service or product unique and therefore what traits to push in order to attract your customer. We analyze your competitors by placing them in categories according to how direct they profit from customers.

Target Market Assessment

This is a step by step and complete assessment pinpointing key characteristics of your target market and categorize them based on those characteristic. With this, we can focus resources where they are most likely to get the largest return on investment.

Product Innovation (Enhancement/Creation of Product)

Enhancing and introducing a new, remodeled or significantly improved good or service, this may include a creation of a new product or further customization of an existing product such as adding or removing functions and or components of said product.


Development of a successful and lasting brand campaign to achieve company goals. Strategies executed catering to clients’ needs, reinforcing an outstanding position in the Market.

Branding/Brand Positioning

Creation of a company’s image to imprint in the customers mind.

Logo Design

This is not to be confused with branding. The logo is easily recognized and distinct through its graphic design, stylized name, specialized symbol and the like to discern an organization.


A memorable line or phrase that envelopes the company’s mission and vision. This aids the branding in which it becomes an important component for its recall.

Product Naming

Labeling of a good or service to make it significant and standout among its peers.

Marketing Plan Development

This lists out the activities involved in achieving the specific objectives in a specific time frame. We identify the customer needs and how the company intends to fulfill them while bringing about a satisfying return.

Plan Implementation

Execution of plans formulated over the course of development.